venezuela ama a niños

look at that, that post title is written in spanish. i’m trilingual. or at least trihandy with the online translation dicitionary.

here’s the proof of just how much venezuela loves the children. (look i wrote it in english, too.)

and here’s another link to a news article, prepare to be amazed at the length some parents will go to when it comes to securing their children’s future. i originally came across this link at atomik-kitten.

4 thoughts on “venezuela ama a niños

  1. i can always count on a good laugh when i read your blog! had to stop eveything and read the gang story to everyone in the house! kind of a nice break from the Gala planning. when does nana arrive?

    she gets here may 10 – counting down the days.

  2. So excited for your mom to get to visit! Last night my dreams were full of our visit to see you guys! Dont know when it will be but maybe sometime in the next year. Maybe I can sneak in a visit before the whole gang.

    carrie, come whenever you guys can!! and if it’s alone, well, we’ll just have to girls’ night out everynight!!

  3. i like that idea! the whole time thing is so confusing! Like its MOnday there and I am still on Sunday !!

    i know, very confusing! when you travel here it you leave one day and arrive 2 days later. when you go home, you get there the same day you leave!!

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