9 thoughts on “still no sign

  1. But he is soooooo cute. What’s not to love – I know he is mischevious.

    i know, he is very, very cute!!

  2. Oh man, the cute one too! Hope for the kids you find him and for you…… well I am sure you want the kids to be happy. Miss you and am glad your mom is coming!

    it’s funny – i thought he was the cuter one, too. but the kids seem to like waan better. i think partly that’s because he was a puppy when we got him and pui was full grown and a bit stand offish.
    miss you, too

  3. I cant believe at 11am you already at 91 degrees, kind of like living in Texas in the heat of the summer! Yikes.

    and today is supposed to be cool. scary!

  4. I hope he shows up for the kids too.
    I’m glad you got the normal confirmation, I’m sure it helps to hear someone else say it.
    It will be so great to have your mom there! We are getting company too. D’s parents are coming in May. Our first visitors.

    still no sign…
    my parents are coming together in january, it will be much better weather, the cool season – which really only means a bit less hot. i’m very excited for my mom to come, it will be so very nice. hope you guys have a great time with family, too. i know the kids must be excited for grandparents!!

  5. I hope you find your dog…we lost ours a couple weeks ago, and from the moment he left until the moment we found him, my three kiddos were so distraught. It was pitiful. I’ll pray that your find him.

    thanks. the kids haven’t been too distraught, but i think that’s partly because we still have so much other adjusting going on. however, every time we come home they are certain he will be here and, of course, very disappointed when we discover he’s not.

  6. I was thinking the same thing… 😦

    it does worry me that he has completely disappeared. i really thought he would have returned by now…

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