normal, that’s us

it’s official. the counselor’s declared us and all that we are going through as normal. i know, i’m just as surprised by that as you. actually, i’m not, i knew it. everyone keeps telling us that this is all normal, everybody who moves across the world goes through it. but yesterday, finally, someone said to me – that while this is normal – it still sucks. and that’s really what i needed to hear. deep down i have no doubt that we will make it through this transition. but every once in a while i do have those niggling little thoughts that scream, “what in the world were you thinking!?! you are a crazy woman and nothing is ever going to be alright again!!” niggling little thoughts can be quite loud. but yesterday we decided to embrace the normal. we went to eat lunch at normal ol’ kentucky fried chicken, then we went plant shopping where the boys did what boys are normally wont to do and complained that they had to be there. but we did get home with these

and once we were home a11 pointed out in her very normal way that if i was intending to pot these plants we had no pots and if i was intending to plant them in the ground we had nothing to dig with. (but i really have a much more sinister plan. since my mom is coming in may and she has an excellent shade of kelly green thumb and i have a not at all green thumb i’m hoping she won’t be too put out if she gets to take the lead on help with some landscaping. and that looking at the tropical plants that are so easy to come by here will get her very excited about the prospect of traveling half way around the world to garden. mom, don’t worry we will do so much more. gardening is just an if we get time kind of a thing. oh, and i will get those plants potted before you get here, i’ve purchased a green permanent marker to color my thumb with so the plants will feel more confident in me.) where was i, oh yeah, normal. (don’t all normal people have sinister gardening plans?) anyway, once home we went swimming at the very normal swimming pool in our neighborhood. and then i worked very hard at convincing the kids that cereal would be great for dinner since it was 900 degrees outside and that was way to hot to be cooking over a hot flame.  i finally convinced them when i told them, “all the normal kids are doin’ it.”

8 thoughts on “normal, that’s us

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  2. Can’t wait to garden in Thailand. Honestly! The flowers are so gorgeous that it will be a wonderful experience. We will find many other things to do, also – and it will be great to spend time with my normal daughter, her bh, and those adorable normal kids. Love, Mom

    good that you didn’t say normal bh, since we haven’t gotten that diagnosis, yet… 😉

  3. I love visits from my mom. She’s got a beautiful green thumb too. Gardening is much more fun with company.

    i agree!! i can’t wait to have someone to run around with for a month!!

  4. Found you via Natalie’s Stiletto Army blog. I’ll be back to read more of your adventures! Normal? Naw… family either. ; ) I can’t get past the thought of how strong a relationship you all are building with each other—-AWESOME!

    robin, thanks for stopping by! and for the encouragement – it’s always nice to get.

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