we haven’t seen him all day. the last we remember he was in the house when we all went to bed last night. someone must have let him out during the night because he wasn’t in the house when we got up. he wasn’t here this morning and he wasn’t waiting for us like normal when we got home this afternoon. his food hasn’t been touched. and the kids are all looking at me all suspicious like. because i have – in the past – said i hate dogs. and meant it. but i have never said i would make one disappear.

9 thoughts on “m.i.a.

  1. Oh no! I hope he comes home soon. Do they have Id tags and all that in Thailand? Even when there’s no love lost, it’s hard to have a pet go missing, I know, Ive been there with my bulimic cat (gross). Im sending happy doggie thoughts your way.

    no tags. and i had taken off his collar when i put the frontline on, not that it had any id on it.

  2. one down one more to go–

    mike, you’re not supposed to actually post things like that, just think them… 😉

  3. I hope he comes back soon? Good luck. I also hope the adjustments get better–NOW!

    i do hope he comes back. and turns out we’re normal… which is good.

  4. I hope he comes home, soon.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    thanks, chantilly!! and i love haiku friday. i make it to so many blogs i don’t normally have time to.

  5. It would have to be the cute one! Hope he comes home for the kids – I know they love him. See you soon.

    thanks, mom!!

  6. He’ll come home when he gets hungry. My dog ran away after we had her for 15 hours. She was gone 5 days and then came back…hasn’t left since. Good luck & keep us posted.

    i keep telling myself that he’ll come back, he’ll show up! thanks for the encouragement!

  7. he will come home when he gets hungry and needs a bath! just like grown kids they come home to be fed, paid, and laundry!

    the bath thing is my fear. what nastiness might he find to get into. ewwww.

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