13 thoughts on “sleeping with one eye open

  1. You have to relate that story before I head over there? Great!!

    just think how cute the geico gecko is… it was just like that. i swear.

  2. NO WAY! could not would not do that! How will you ever sleep again?

    i’ve actually given it up…

  3. *snort* least it wasnt a snake.

    had it been, i would probably still be catatonic, like forever

  4. Better that than a hissing cockroach?

    hissing cockroach?? oh, something new to worry about. i hope they don’t have those here, but i’m not going to google it because i might learn something i prefer to not know!

  5. In times like that use a mosquito net!

    we haven’t go them up. so far no mosquitoes in the house. and i’d knock on wood but it’s all been eaten up by termites!

  6. yeah, a gecko is c-u-t-e
    a gecko is safe, non-threatening, teeny-tiny…
    did i say cute?
    it has LEGS.
    totally non-snakey X

    like totally. almost. well, not enough non-snakey.

  7. Oh No, one eye open is right! Yes, thankfully it wasn’t a snake, then I wouldn’t sleep again!

    when you’re all bleary eyed a gecko looks remarkably like a snake!

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    babel fish says this says “The Internet is portal about the sense of life, religion, the science, the society, the work, the sex, and so all about animals and plants, the news of world events, relation between the people.” how totally appropriate!

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