ms. jackson knew what she was talkin’ about

nasty boys don’t mean a thing
oh you nasty boys dont mean a thing to me
nasty… dont mean a thing
oh you nasty boys


i still hate the dogs and spending an afternoon removing ticks from them has done nothing at all to change that. but no one can say i’m an irresponsible dog owner. i’ll admit i withhold my affections from them, but that’s because i hate them. no lie. so yesterday i picked ticks and bathed them. today or tomorrow i’ll treat them with frontline. and i will never, ever, ever, never, never ever own dogs again. see, i still remember.  of course, these dogs will probably live to be like 5000.

8 thoughts on “ms. jackson knew what she was talkin’ about

  1. LOL….I mean, oh no, poor TM 😉

    hay, that’s right… poor TM. there is nothing funny at all… 😉 other than why isn’t bh the one doing this?? tm

  2. I think the ones(bh and kids) who wanted the dogs so badly should be the ones to have the fun of picking out ticks and fixing screens ect. then maybe they would love dogs as much as you! I have been there I promise mom we will watch them you won’t have to do anything is I think how it goes!
    love you!

    trish – wise woman that you are… i am using it to my advantage. as i was pulling ticks and fixing screens i did tell all three kids very clearly in plain english (they don’t speak any thai) that there will be no more dogs. not at all. and i could say it in thai, too. tm

  3. I don’t have to say anything because Trish read my mind!

    wm – i know, the whole world is thinking the same thing. cuz, you know, the whole world reads my blog. really, they do. tm

  4. Awwwww, but they are so cute! Seriously though, I feel your pain- Im a cat owner myself, and even they at times have some less than attractive habits (like the other day I caught one of them dragging their ass accross the hardwood floor!!! OH MY GOD! I completely heebed out). TMI? Perhaps, but I really have no filter.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. Im glad to be back too! Thanks for keeping me on your reader.:)

    chanda – they are very cute. and the only thing that keeps me from loving them is that they live with me. if they lived with our neighbor or a friend or anywhere but here i would so adore them, but living with me well, i love them not so much. and yuck to the dragging of the rear – ewwww! but at least it’s hardwood?

    and again, welcome back!

  5. shh don’t tell anyone but I hate dogs too. I regret getting one every single day. But my kids LOVE our dog… and I can’t possibly give her away. Besides who would want her lol You’re a good mum. Doign the right thing

    you’re secret is safe with me, i won’t tell a soul. thanks for the kind words. our kids love our dogs, too, and as much as i might love to find new homes for them, i couldn’t. the kids would be heart broken. so, i just have to repeat never, ever, ever, never, never, ever again over and over every day!! tm

  6. LOL sorry I cant help but laugh

    ng – that’s okay. i have to laugh or i would just sit down and cry!! 🙂 tm

  7. LOL – nasty boys!

    The Frontline will definitely help. Do they have obedience classes there? Maybe that would be a good thing for the kids on weekend….there’s always the Dog Whisperer! Remember you are the pack leader! : )

    That little one sure is cute!

    oh my goodness, i hadn’t considered obedience school for the kids!! :). we’re actually looking into the classes for the dogs, i’m sure it would help. wonder if the dog whisperer does thailand?? and i think the dogs would rather i not be in the pack.

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