what’s in your boot, er, ummm, i mean bonnet?

i saw a snake. a freakin’ big snake. a ginormous snake. and it was on the road. and i drove over it – which isn’t the same as running over it. my tires did not come in contact with it. and now all i can think of is how in the no. 1 ladies detective agency mma romatswe talks about these really bad mamma jamma snakes that hide in the engines of the car for warmth and then when you go to look under your hood boot bonnet guess what you find. so i won’t be lifting the hood boot bonnet of my car ever!

and speaking of…. guess what was on tv – like real tv, not the tv you watch on the youtube (which just so happens to be all the tv i see) – guess. guess. the number one ladies detective agency movie. yes, it was. the internets told me so! it was on bbc one (not the youtube, so that means i didn’t get to see it) over easter. and i want to see it. badly. want. to. see. it.

4 thoughts on “what’s in your boot, er, ummm, i mean bonnet?

  1. From one transplanted soul to another:


    I am jealous of your life in CM… it was my based as I travelled around SE Asia and I would move back there in a second!

    cara – thanks!! getting all this british terminology down while trying to learn the thai language is so taxing! 🙂 tm

  2. again with the snakes where do they all come from? have I mentioned I hate, hate, hate snakes!

    carrie, they live here. isn’t that just gross. i hate, hate, hate snakes, too!! yuck! tm

  3. glad you didn’t post a pic.
    i’d. freak. out.
    that movie looks cool as X

    kate – i don’t think i could have worked the camera. i was having a difficult enough time working the car!! it was yuck. and because i want to see the movie i’m translating “cool as X” to mean something good. i haven’t learned kiwi, yet..:)

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