what can’t i do?

so, remember when the dogs did this…


and then this weekend, while i was gone, they did this…

img_2034.jpg img_2036.jpg
(amazingly, they still have the ability to inhale and exhale.)
so today i pulled the window screens out of the storage room and took the screen door off it’s hinges and i did this…

all by myself. and while i was re-screening the windows and the door i was making a promise to myself. wanna know what it was? i will never, ever, ever, never, never, ever own dogs again. i know, never say never, but i’m thinking i mean it this time. and i give permission to all the internets to slap me cross eyed if you ever hear me say or think i’m thinking, “maybe we should get another dog.”

6 thoughts on “what can’t i do?

  1. Pets are both great and not great.

    I personally like not having pets so that I keep a very clean house.

    Too bad my kids make messes. /sigh

    bridge – i would love having no pets. and one day i will. tm

  2. bwhahahahahahahahaha….

    but look at you with the new skills! Check out tm’s mad rescreening skills!!!

    winey – i am my father’s daughter!! tm

  3. wow, its amazing what you can do when you have no other choice

    carrie – i know. desperate times call for desperate measures!! tm

  4. wow I am super impressed – I wish I could do this – our cat put a two inch gash in our screen!

    notgoth – you can do it!! if i can anyone can. tm

  5. That’s why we crate train…no that’s not quite true–we crate train so I don’t kill the dog if it did something like that. It is wonderful to come home to a good dog waiting in her crate instead of a mess though.

    You did a great job. Maybe I’ll have to teach myself to do this, instead of waiting a year and a half for DH to fix our screens.

    mom24 – we have crate trained in the past. but had an awful experience with an older dog once and so no longer try with older dogs. i know we shouldn’t give up so easily…
    and i, too, got tired of waiting!! tm

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