and i could have so much fun…

i mean really – it is april fool’s day and i so wanted to title this post we’re coming home… or we’re moving again… or i beat a total word dork genius at scrabulous. and then i would have typed in all caps “april fool’s”. but i’m not that mean. oh, but wait… one of those three things is true. i know, probably not that tough to figure it out. but i am so proud of myself and so like to pat myself on the back and i am so thinking, “look at me! look at me! i’m so smart! i beat a genius! tell me how smart and pretty and funny i am. cuz only the smartest and prettiest and funniest people can win against such an incredibly intelligent word smith.” but i’d only think that and would never say it out loud.

okay – and i’m willing to admit he beat me the first game… by like 80 kajillion million trillion points. and i only won by a 1/4 point. but still i won!!

6 thoughts on “and i could have so much fun…

  1. way to go!!! It’s all in the winning…not the point spread!

    winey – that’s right. close only counts in horse shoes and hand granades!! tm

  2. good for you. Amanda in Hong Kong is thrashing me at Scrabulous! I am a word idiot.

    notgoth – it was an absolute fluke! perfect letters, perfect opening… love when that happens! tm

  3. Yay!! You SO should have done the moving post 😉

    hay, but my mom might have passed out! tm

  4. You go girl! You da bomb! You’re so smart and pretty and funny and … hey, wait a cotton pickin’ minute!

    I am suddenly much less happy for you. Something about my own ego being crushed and publicly flogged. Something like that.

    I have this strange compulsion to break things now. Weird.

    glenn – perhaps you could break that scrabble dictionary of yours or maybe mind erase that little section that holds all the odd words… tm

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