6 thoughts on “silent sunday – hmmmm?

  1. hmm I have never been a soup fan.. and now I know why!!

    notgoth – i love soup! and didn’t realize how versatile it could be! tm

  2. bwahahahahaha
    love those *lost in translation* moments,
    we have friends who spent some time in Japan a few years ago: they came home with some beauties:
    sign on building: mind head for radder (ladder)
    printed on tourist’s tshirt: come to Japan for a good time and a great HORIDAY too
    ah, yes X

    kate – i agree, always good for a laugh. and i’m still so surprised by it!! tm

  3. Ha ha ha LOVE IT!
    India: Enjoy Choiciest Bland of Fruit Juices.

    embejo – bland juices are always my first choice!! tm

  4. I am NOT NOT NOT eating any of THAT soup…I don’t care how well cooking classes are going!!!

    winey – but it really is the best soup ever. and you feel so very clean after!! tm

  5. looks like a hotel bathroom so I am guessing you took that on your retreat! hope it was great.

    carrie – yes, it was very good! but several times i thought of you! tm

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