it’s been awhile

since i’ve had a pretty coffee to show you and as you can see it was worth the wait!


this pretty coffee was bh’s. he enjoyed it while he waited for me during language class.

and speaking of bh… today i realized i haven’t given closure to the bh has gone dark in mongolia tale. he wasn’t injured – or worse – in mongolia, he’d just switched hotels and had no internet or phone. and he won’t do it again. at least not without making contact with me to let me know what is going on. he’s very sorry he worried us all.

9 thoughts on “it’s been awhile

  1. How do they do that? I think before you come home someday, you should learn how to make pretty coffee – it would surely be a hit over here.

    i have no idea, but i’m very impressed!! i wonder if i could find a pretty coffee class?

  2. typical…. no, bh is a good man.

    love the coffee, that is soo cool. i just had my usual tazo chai here in COS, they didn’t do anything cool like that.

    btw, eddie izzard is going to be in denver this july!!! trying to go see him.

    i bet if you ask they would do that for you, right? eddie izzard, very cool. i don’t think he ever makes it to chiang mai 😦

  3. I didn’t realize bh got lost. When did we hear about this?

    I am glad that he got found.

    Pretty coffee.

    oh, he didn’t really get lost. he went to ulaanbaatar and didn’t communicate with me. leaving me all kinds of time to come up with dire situations for him to have fallen into… but he is found, now.

  4. Oh my gosh until I read the rest of the comments I thought you did that. That is still the coolest thing!

    i would love to be able to do that!!

  5. that is wicked cool! I’ve got to figure out how to do that…

    if you do you should post a tutorial… you know, you do the work, we reap the benefits.

  6. I nearly lost it when I saw this picture.. its so awesome. Seattle coffee baristas take that!! 😛

    ooo eddie izzard – hilarious. Pity whenever he comes to LA it sells out too quickly for me to go.

    notgoth – i know. amazing kitty! i can’t believe he drank it, but i guess it would be impossible to make a plaster cast!! tm

  7. This kitty foam is the best thing ever! I nearly ran another red light! Must get your blog off of my iPhone or blood will be shed.

    Drat! We missed out on getting Eddie tickets also! – I think I’ll go have a ba-nah-nah now.

    ruth – wonder if i would have some kind of accessory to a wreck responsibility?? tm

  8. That is amazing….I am so going to Thailand, just for the coffee…who knew?!

    hay – what? fancy coffee isn’t the first thing you think of when you think thailand?? tm

  9. I love the fact that they go to so much trouble to make it sooo pretty – and serve it in a chipped cup. Awesome.
    I’m not being sarcastic, I really think that’s cool. I don’t know why.

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