update – house in the u.s.

so, i’ve been pretty quiet about this house sale thing. hate to jinx anything, ya know?

a week or so ago we received the inspection report for the sale of our home in colorado and it had me way down. they seemed to want it all – i mean they seemed to want us to tear the place down and rebuild it. but after a day or so of looking over and over their list of requests it became much less daunting. the list became doable, but possibly expensive. and today, we’ve heard a rumor. from a most trusted source – who i’m interrupting this brief post to say happy birthday to, his birthday was yesterday. they have come up with a money amount that we find most acceptable. and it is reasonable and we are all over it. we are now one day short of a month from closing.

4 thoughts on “update – house in the u.s.

  1. Yeah! So happy for you – that is a great load from your minds, I know. Love, Mom

    yes, it is. but so far, it’s still rumor…

  2. Oh Excellent!! So glad it’s gonna work out! We are planning on putting our house up on the market in the next couple of weeks. Now the one in the mountains is for sale, too. So hopefully one of them will sell…it will be interesting to see what God does.

    good luck! i hope it all goes well.

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