cooking school

i loved cooking school. this might be the best thing i’ve done here. and now i understand why people take cooking classes when they travel. from now on it will be on the top of my list.

i made pad thai (stir fried noodles in thai style).


and i made tom-yam-gung (hot and sour prawn soup).


and i made gang-keow-wan-gai (green curry with chicken).


and i made gai-pad-med-ma-muang-him-ma-pan (stir fried chicken with cashew nut). which looked like, well it looked good. because at this point i was too full to even think about taking pictures. but i wasn’t done cooking. because i also made paw-pia-tawd (non-greasy spring rolls) and kao-neaw-ma-muang (sweet sticky rice with mango).


that’s what the rice looked like after it had been soaked but before it was steamed.


and that’s what the rice looked like after it had been steamed. trust me, the finished product looked fantastic.

it all tasted great. and best of all, i’m pretty certain i could make it all again – on my own.

10 thoughts on “cooking school

  1. Recipes! We need recipes! I especially would love the Pad Thai. Good for you, what a wonderful thing to do there. You’re so smart! 🙂

    mom – thank you, thank you. i’ll work on the recipes. tm

  2. the food looks wonderful! something to look forward to when we visit!

    Hang in there

    i’m hanging! and food is definitely on the list of good things here. tm

  3. So glad you enjoyed the class. Food looks wonderful, can’t wait to taste your creations.

    thanks. can’t wait for you to taste them.

  4. I am licking the computer screen.

    ng – hope your screen is cleaner than mine!! 🙂 tm

  5. how awesome!!! glad you found something you really enjoy! and, you have the time to really get it down. miss you.

    btw, your stuff will soon be in texas, it will be in route this april via my in-laws, then my mom to your mom!

    you are awesome!! i can’t believe all the people who have helped out with this move of ours. it’s wonderful

  6. That looks fabulous! I’ve recently gotten on a Thai kick since a great little place opened up not too far away from me.

    read the post about the orchestra…what do/did you play? I play the cello.

    it is very good that i love thai food – makes it much easier to live here and all. and i played the viola, many years ago.

  7. Great work! What beautiful looking food. I’m so glad you had a good time.

    ruth – it really was a blast! now i just need to make it at home… tm

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