haiku friday – a list


been here just 2 months
have discovered many things
i am tired of
working on a list
it will be never ending
things that have grown old


in an effort to be positive today’s list will include only things that i have control over… (am now patting myself on the back – pat, pat, pat…)

  1. getting in the car on the wrong side and taking a second or two to realize the problem.
  2. turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal.
  3. having bh say, “oh, that will never get old.” when i turn on the windshield wiper instead of the turn signal.
  4. being startled by the many geckos who also claim our home as their own. so startled i jump. oh, and possibly scream. like this.
  5. not having a full length mirror. how do you tell if you look a mess when you can only see yourself from the shoulders up? well, i’ll tell you how. thanks to the digital age, you take your digital camera and find something about the right height to prop it on. then you set the timer. then, you try to place yourself in the line of fire, posed and ready before the flash. if you try this don’t get to discouraged if it takes a few turns to get it right. i’m practically a professional and it still took me more than a few shots to get this.
  6. and, yes, i still went out in that.

26 thoughts on “haiku friday – a list

  1. but the losing weight! Oh, the losing weight!

    winey, i address the weight loss in tomorrows blog – will be about noon today your time. in advance i’m sorry. i’ve been a bad, bad girl. tm

  2. You are looking great! Way to go. Very creative – using the camera. Love, Mom

    mom, a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do. and the cameras what was available to me!! tm

  3. you look great you have lost weight!! and I like your hair dont think I have ever seen it that long!

    carrie – i give all the weight loss details tomorrow, i’m afraid they are quite disappointing. and yes, i have a ton of hair. i might have let it grow this long when i was pregnant with c13, but i don’t remember exactly how long it got. tm

  4. clever you with your digital photo!!!

    lookin’ good!

    janet, but you can’t primp in front of the camera. i might have to invest in a mirror, someday. tm

  5. That is a good picture!

    And you don’t have to live in Thailand to have gekko issues. But they make nice inexpensive cat toys. Unfortunately, I find lots of “ex” gekkos around the house. 🙂

    melissa, we had a few geckos in tx when we lived there. but nothing like this. glad they are harmless. and just want to be able to live in peace with them. i think they scare me on purpose. i’m working on a conspiracy theory!! tm

  6. I’ve used that trick. Since we remodeled the bathroom and now have a glass shower door, I don’t have to futz with the timer any longer. I just get a ghost -like reflection and go off of that. 🙂

    And I don’t think you look like a mess! You look great!

    mama db – ah, a reflection like one of those nice foggy camera filters?? very nice!! and thanks for the complement. tm

  7. you’re lookin’ good, girl! have you lost weight?”

    angie, why yes, i have. but not as much as it appears… tm

  8. That’s such a great idea. Very inventive. Happy Easter!

    wright, thanks. desperate times call for desperate measures! happy easter to you, too! tm

  9. Hey, but you figured out the timer. I have no idea how to do that! 🙂

    I often find myself approaching my house and hitting my key fob trying to unlock my front door using the unlock car door button. *sigh*

    anne – i lucked upon the timer which turned out well for me. and i think a key fob to unlock the front door would be fantastic!! tm

  10. I would have gone out like that, you looked lovely!

    scylla – thanks! compliments are always most appreciated. tm

  11. I say at least unlike most people in Los Angeles you use your turn signal!

    I think you look good too – personally I count not having a full length mirror for about the last 6 years as a blessing! 😀

    ng – when we first got here i thought i would love not having a full length mirror. turns out i like to look at myself… or something like that. 🙂 tm

  12. I really like that skirt!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

    chantilly, thanks. it was an ebay purchase right before we moved and it was too small at the time!! tm

  13. Adjustments can be hard … especially as we realize things we used to take for granted, aren’t. Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Hugs and blessings

    storyteller, happy easter to you, too! and i am beginning to realize just how much i used to take for granted!! tm

  14. You look lovely 🙂 Getting adjusted to a new place is usually tough. Wishing you a Happy Easter weekend .

    sandy, awww, thanks. hope you guys have a great easter weekend, too! tm

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  16. Loved this post! How clever to use your camera as a mirror replacement! Neat.

    tumblewords – thanks. i don’t know why, but i never take a picture from the back. probably wise. tm

  17. If there were geckos running around here, my kids would be entertained for hours!

    Happy Easter!

    jenni – my kids do give constant gecko updates. trying to protect me! tm

  18. ha ha ha…. i love the list. cracks me up. we will be going to the UK in May, will think of you. i could have shown you lots of great photoshop tricks. they pay me to do that here, apparently. next time….

    oh, now i have a photoshop go to girl!! yea!!

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