field trips in thailand are just more educational

s8’s class went on a field trip to the fire station this week. he came home all excited and i couldn’t figure out exactly why. he’s been on a school field trip to the fire station, several, as a matter of fact. but after i got the details of this particular field trip i have a much better understanding of why an 8 yr. old boy might think this was the coolest field trip ever.

as i said the field trip was to the fire station. and the kids were promised that there would most likely be an opportunity to operate a fire extinguisher. how fun is that?? what wasn’t mentioned was that they would be putting out an actual fire with the fire extinguisher. an actual fire that the firemen themselves started right there in front of the entire 3rd grade from s8’s school. an actual fire that they started by pouring gasoline on the ground right there in front of the entire 3rd grade from s8’s school. and then lighting a match. i wouldn’t be telling the truth if i said i wasn’t ever so slightly disturbed by this. and this is one of those times that i’m seriously hoping s8 doesn’t have his facts exactly right. because if he does, it seems to me that about 42 8 & 9 yr old boys and girls now know how to use accelerant to start a fire. and i don’t think that was on the permission slip that the school sent home.

8 thoughts on “field trips in thailand are just more educational

  1. boys do not need to get anymore great ideas on how to destroy things, what were they thinking!

    carrie – i don’t know what they were thinking, but i’m thinking they were crazy. and i should ask a few more questions before the next field trip!! tm

  2. oh funn i remember those days lol! It wasnt that long ago LOL! i would be mad too if they did that in front of my kids!

    OH jeez i am talking about having kids at age 16?

    kaylee – stop that kind of thinking! and i too remember field trips, but i think they brought the fire truck to us. tm

  3. LOL, That sounds like fun! Guess there is a bit less red tape in Thailand 🙂

    hay, i’m thinking, at least in the field trip category, there might be no red tape!! 🙂 tm

  4. Yep–if you can think of it they can too. I have seen firefighters here do similar kinds of stunts though. In order to raise money and awareness. It was amazing to watch, for any age.

    aurora, i’ve never seen anything like it. and s8 was very impressed!! tm

  5. that’s like the kids meal i got for my grade schoolers back in the day that came with a iron pot filled with sterno for “grilling” skewered beef strips. Kiddy meal with open flame. yikes!

    but um. yeah. pouring and lighting gasoline? not good.

    gerbil – love that! sterno for kid… tm

  6. Oh My Gosh! I would be pretty upset for that one. So stupid it’s not even funny. Wow. I guess my kid’s trip to the fire station last week was pretty boring–he just came back excited that the firemen have a WII! Sounds like a good strong talk from Mom is in order. I will never forget when I was about your son’s age and our next door neighbor and two of his friends were playing with gasoline and set themselves on fire. Not good. Seriously not good.

    mom24 -it seemed to be not-so-smart to me!!

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