how quickly she falls



yep, that’s our stuff. that’s all we sent from the US – other than the clothes we brought with us when we moved. and in the second pic those numbered boxes aren’t part of our stuff. the shipping company that we used offered to fill our crate with boxes of bibles – it didn’t cost us any extra and we figured we could find them a home.

i can’t even begin to say how excited i have been about this stuff getting here. i knew there were two must haves in those boxes for me. one, the broken computer with my music on it. MY MUSIC!! not bh’s music or the kids’ music, but m.i.n.e.


it’s a comfort thing. my play lists are on it, you know. my feeling down play list, my feeling a little better play list, my i’m so mad i could spit play list and my jill play list. (and, yes, i have noticed my laptop is not exactly looking well, but it’s doing what i need it to do.)

the other thing is my knitting. i didn’t bring any knitting with me when we came and i’ve had idle hands since we got here. i’ve needed my knitting. so as i was going through boxes i did a little dance when i found this…


and it caused me to go tearing through all the other boxes looking for the rest of my yarn and my needles and my stitch counters and all my other knitty necessities. but, i found nothing else. not a bit of it. i was so careful as i packed. i sorted my yarn – only bringing what i knew i would use. i sorted my needles, keeping only one long and one short set of each size. i pared all my stuff down so it would all fit in my knitting bag (it’s really more a travel suitcase) and i thought it would be safe to send, just like that. i didn’t put it in a box, but i’m certain i put it with the boxes. but none of it is here. i’ve tried to be so tough since we got here. tried to keep my chin up. but this might just be the straw, you know the one that broke the camel’s back. and i feel stupid. it’s just yarn and needles.  *knitting stuff has been found!!

and to add insult to injury, a11 is so excited this was packed.


yeah, just what we need when it’s freakin’ hot, fleece footie pajamas pyjamas.

5 thoughts on “how quickly she falls

  1. Yay! I’m happy you have your things back.

    The laptop does look a little limber

    ruth, we now all it a flat top… tm

  2. fear not tm!!! your knitting bag was pushed to the back of my garage with all of the magnets from you fridge and your fire truck door stop!!! I will call sherilyn when I get a chance to find out when the next trip from her parents or will look into shipping it myself when you email me your info!!! Sorry about that. I just found it when I was moving stuff after the garage door went boing! I don’t remember putting it there but who knows. everything was so crazy for a while…

    wm – yea!! we’ll figure out how to get it here! thanks lots. tm

  3. lol………oh, lol. Love your description of playlists.
    I think I would like it if all my stuff went missing and I had to get insurance and start over. I hate unpacking, but I love shopping!

    hay – i happen to hate packing and unpacking. but the kids are all excited to have their stuff and it’s very nice to have familiar things. tm

  4. awesome that it’s arrived, i love playlists too.
    something weird and frustrating though, my iPod won’t synchronise with the playlists on Bulldog’s pooter. i think i’ll have to redo the whole thing.

    kate – my biggest ipod complaint is trying to sync it… and i hate having to redo it! but if that’s what it takes to have MY music, i will. tm

  5. Yea for stuff!

    And the footie pj’s? Cute, but not necessary unless she feels some deep need to sweat. Which can be accomplished without the pj’s in that climate. 🙂

    melissa, yep. we’ve got the sweating down! i don’t even have to move to do it. tm

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