that hurt


i am addicted
to sharing it all with blog
don’t be embarrased


him: “you know your mom blogged about our conversation the other day?”

her: “she did? why’d she do that?”

him: “sweetheart, your mother blogs about everything, nothing is sacred.”

her: “you need to stop talking to her, daddy.”

26 thoughts on “that hurt

  1. *snort* the life of a blogger’s family is a dangerous one!

    janet, yes, and i would think it would cause all to be on their best behavior, but it doesn’t seem to work that way. tm

  2. Ouch…but honestly what you shared will not fall to TMI category for me…it was informative and hilarious…but then like you, I share a lot in my blogs too! πŸ˜‰

    mariposa, that’s really the only reason i felt i had to share it, it was educational! tm

  3. But kids are such great fodder that it’s hard to resist!

    And the diagrams are hysterical! πŸ™‚

    melissa, aren’t they. sometimes makes me side i don’t have little one to tattle, i mean blog, about. tm

  4. If something or someone is blog-worthy, it gets blogged. Right?

    joyce, exactly. i knew you guys would understand. tm

  5. Oh boi. Can’t wait for those days to come! At least you didn’t ‘ku it!

    gog – yes, it seems there is fun to be had at every age. and “the talk” is just our latest. tm

  6. HA! Too funny. I get the opposite. My hubby is constantly saying, “You should blog about that!” hehe

    kathryn, and i get “oh, you’re gonna blog about that?” tm

  7. Mikey did something the other day and he said, “YOU CANNOT BLOG THAT!”


    secret agent – oh, that would just make it all the more tempting to blog about. tm

  8. sounds like conversations at my house. everyone always asks me if i’m going to write about whatever they were doing/talking about, on my blog!! well…duh!? of course i am!!

    melissa, it doesn’t take long for them to get that they’re just blog fodder. πŸ™‚ tm

  9. Love your new header
    and your β€˜Ku reminds me that
    everything gets blogged!

    Hugs and blessings,

    story, thanks for visiting. yes, as bh said, “nothing is sacred.” πŸ™‚ tm

  10. I love that you then blogged about the conversation they were having! They’ll learn, right?

    Happy Friday!

    mama db – hopefully. but i think secretly they enjoy it! tm

  11. laughing out loud and my stomach hurts with glee! i have two girls, hubby is just the opposite and i think will have a much harder time explaining the birds and the bees. good to see your man taking the initiative. Love the diagram, although I too am thankful for the words added.

    blogging was made to share whatever happens in life. i still am a bit shy and usually fall back to keeping things quiet.

    alisha – i think i’m almost to the lettin’ it all hang out part. i’m quite thankful that bh didn’t panic! tm

  12. Wow! Thanks for the comment!
    My family feels the same way about my blogging.
    Hubby recently said exactly this in response: “If I see my name ever again in your blog, I’m going to go in and erase it!” ha ha! Ooooh, is that a dare?! πŸ™‚

    mandy – you would think they would figure this out. i don’t know about you but i love a challenge and i would think that’s an official challenge! tm

  13. Hahahaha…that’s exactlly why most of my family doesn’t know about my blog!

    becki – so very smart of you!! tm

  14. Those were some funny diagrams!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    chantilly- thanks. bh is all about his diagrams! tm

  15. They’ll develop the thick hides that go with a bloggers’ family. Either that, or they’ll just stop talking!

    jenni, they can’t stop talking, cuz then what would i blog about? tm

  16. I blog almost everything, too…or I did pre-surgery.

    atom – thanks for stopping by. i’m pretty sure blogging was created so we could share it all! tm

  17. Hey – Rule #1 of living with a blogger – If you don’t want it on the internet, don’t say it (or do it). Why would we want to visit other bloggers if we weren’t guaranteed some nice juicy bits that can make us feel better about our own families?

    adamswife – true that. love when i can read something and think, whew, so glad that’s not me. but equally happy to read something and think that is way too cool! tm

  18. Hahaha! I love that she told him to stop talking to you!

    bren, and i think she was very offended that he didn’t agree. but she hasn’t put it together to figure out exactly where i got the diagram from. tm

  19. *snort* My husband shakes his head at what I’m willing to blog about, LOL. doesn’t bother me, sharing my life. That’s what the point of the blog is about πŸ™‚

    sarah – but it’s not just sharing it’s sharing with love. tm

  20. hey thanks for stopping by our blog!

    and…i just have to comment…ANOTHER all lower case blogger!!!

    i’ve been berated for my style (i have a degree in journalism) but it’s my online persona. i don’t use lower case for business correspondence, etc.

    just for blogging and personal email.

    i’ll come back often and read more.


    jess, it’s really only my dad who complains about the no caps. i think it might actually be physically painful for him to read all lower case. but he’s adjusting. thanks for stopping by! tm

  21. My hubby’s certainly learning that lesson. The fingernail clippers he got in the mail got me in BIG trouble. HAHAH. I think family is great fodder & nothing is off limits!

    anglo – now i have to go find the fingernail clipper post… tm

  22. Trans! You know I’m behind on my blog reading… So when I finally had the privilege of reading this post (in my car, on my iPhone, on the way home from work the other night), I was so captivated that I RAN A RED LIGHT! SHHHH! I’m afraid to mention this at my own page because Andy and my mom will confiscate my new toy. But it was so surreal! I was reading, “…nothing is sacred….” and looked up to find myself advancing forward under a red light in the middle of an intersection that’s often populated with pedestrians. THANK GOD I didn’t kill someone! Straight on red? Not Funny. Lesson learned.

    ruth – oh, blogging and driving? that’s crazy girl! glad no one was hurt. and that you are a fast learner! hope the training is going well. tm

  23. I like to blog about everything, but my husband is a little more restrained… One day I’m going to write a blog entry with the title “Things I Want to Blog About but Won’t.” It should be a riot. πŸ™‚

    rebecca, my husband is somewhat restrained himself… or maybe just a bit of a prude… tm

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