my bad

bh and a11 are heading to bangkok today to look at and hopefully get a harp. it was my job to book the flight. and about 10p last evening i remembered they were e-tickets and i needed to print them out. no biggie, until i print them out. today is march 12, the plan was to fly there and back on march 12.


hmmm… surely i can fix this. i booked them online, i’ll just book more. so i do, and i get as far as entering passenger information when i get the message you must book 23 hours in advance. oops. but i refuse to give up now. i know, i’ll call thai airlines. but part of me is resigned to have failed at this task. i’m sure they won’t be open this late and even if they are they won’t speak english. i’m ready to call it quits. but wait, the phone is answered – by a machine, but it’s still answered. and there is the option to press 9 for english. praise God. i start to get a little panicky when i’m on hold for a long time, but i finally get through to someone with wonderful english, amazing english. i know, i need to learn thai. and she can book the tickets. and cancel the other reservations, even though they are nonrefundable – my bad. and she can answer questions about flying with oversized luggage – you know, like harp sized luggage. and i don’t have to explain to a11 why she is going to school instead of harp shopping. whew. that’s a relief. i sure wish i’d paid attention to get the number of the phone representative so i could write a glowing thank you that would get her a bonus or maybe a raise or maybe a promotion or possibly all three of those things. because she deserves it.

2 thoughts on “my bad

  1. We have a foreign exchange student living with us this school year. Life is interesting and Jett blends right in with our family.

    Nice to “meet” you. This is my first visit. Have a wonderful day!

    kathleen –

    how cool to have a foreign exchange student. i bet he has quite the impact on your family!

    thanks for stopping by,


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