boxes of love – thank you, nanny!

  1. is proof that nanny is amazing. it’s three necklaces, but we only needed one of them. when we left colorado, a11 and 2 of her friends were all wearing bff necklaces. a11 had the forever necklace. one day, shortly after we moved into this house a11 and i went for a walk and when we got home she noticed that her necklace was gone. we retraced our steps, we’ve searched all over the house and concluded it was l.o.s.t. and ever since then, a11 will be doing great, then she’ll rub her hand up around where the necklace was and break into tears. so when nanny requested suggestions for what could be sent in a care package i gave her the 411 on the necklace. and she found it. cuz she’s awesome.
  2. webkinz for s8 and a11 – we can’t get them here and really, can you have enough of them?
  3. candy – namely chocolate. i’ve resisted the urge to go through and pick out and hide all the mr. goodbars from the hershey’s miniatures bag.
  4. socks – somehow we made it here with only 6 pairs to split between us. how, i have no idea? could have been that last minute procrastination packing we were doing.
  5. a lovely handmade by nanny frame for a11 to put a pic of her bff in.
  6. peeps – no peeps here either – at least not that i’ve seen.

also in the box was this. we mistakenly left ours at home, didn’t even pack it, thinking we could easily get another here. we were wrong. and c13 hasn’t let us forget how wrong we were. even more exciting is that this ball is officially tackified, just like the real nfl (national football league).


and last, but no where near least, books. an entire box of books and not one of them have i read. there’s even a couple for the kids, too. but i’m not going to tell them, not just yet. i want to read them first.

thank you, nanny!! you’re the best.

4 thoughts on “boxes of love – thank you, nanny!

  1. see all the goodies you get when ou move to another country and you can get more just say the word on what you would like!

  2. Packages are the best! You have a great nanny. My nephew introduced me to Webkinz this weekend. I’d heard of them, but didn’t realize there was a website and everything. Needless to say, I spent way to many hours online playing the crazy games to earn him some cash. My mom loves Tomato Frenzy and I am hooked on the first Soliatair game in the Aracade. ENJOY!

  3. thank goodness for the neckless.Hope has not taken it off since you left and lets just say it looks like it. I suggest she take it off and she replied ” I promised I would keep it on” That is what bff do!

  4. Did I see the new mma ramotswe book in there?!?!?!?! How on earth am I going to borrow that?!?!?!?

    i don’t think the new one’s out, yet. same author – different series. scotland instead of africa. but if it were you could borrow it when your dad brings you and lullibell to visit 🙂 tm

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