i found him

y’all texans can stop your lookin’ cuz rightchere in thailand i found big tex’s long lost brother. he goes by not near as big thai.


and when big tex first heard he was in shock – which seems only natural, then he was real made at his momma and his daddy for keepin’ this a secret. but then his momma told him, “go ahead and be that way, cuz you can get glad in the same pants you got mad in.” and eventually, he did get glad.


then it was time to introduce them.


i just love a happy ending.

as a side note – i must say i am very disappointed in big tex. it seems he has been prostituting himself. you see, when i was a kid, i swear he only wore lee jeans. he had a buckle very similar to not near as big thai’s. it’s what got me wonderin’ if they could be kin. and now it seems that big tex is sellin’ himself to the highest bidder. makes me sad. please the powers that be in the great state of texas, stop pimpin’ big tex. it’s a disgrace.

4 thoughts on “i found him

  1. he does kinda look like Big Tex! I may go to the fair this year just to see what brand he is wearing!

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