mom, get off my facebook account…

i have a facebook account. i have no idea how to use it and for a long time it just sat there. until i recently discovered c13 also has a facebook acount. and i did what any good mom would do – changed his password and locked him out of it. he’s not old enough to have a facebook account. he’s supposed to be over 18 or at least 13 and in high school. well, he is 13, but he’s in the 7th grade. what to do… what to do? hmmm… delete it? yeah, i should do that. punish him? oh, yeah, i’m definitely gonna do that. get mad? well, i did sort of do that, but got over it really quickly. i ended up doing something very out of character for me. i asked him about it. his answer, it’s for a school project, for a history project. which explains why he’s friends with the likes of kublai khan, toyotomi hideyoshi, and yuan shikai. and then he reminded me that he is in high school. at the kids’ school if you’re 6th grade grade 6 or below you’re in primary school and 7th grade 7 and above is considered high school. i also added myself to his friends list, so i could keep tabs. and a few days later this appeared on my wall… (that’s facebook talk for he left me a message)

mom, get off my face book account…”

he doesn’t want to be friends – like a knife through the heart. now i know how the whole of england must have felt when prince harry said “but i generally don’t like england that much…”


10 thoughts on “mom, get off my facebook account…

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  3. Stand your ground even high schoolers get in trouble in stuff like that.Our high school pastor in texas warned us never to let our girls have account we weren’t in charge of. He is only 13 I wouldn’t start all that this early or if he does he would have to get over the mom being on it, nothing to hide is my motto!

  4. i’d watch him… good mom, you have to stay ‘friends’ with him. that’s what moms are for. who’s looking out for kids?

    yeah, i’m just getting into this facebook thing too. not too sure of it, have wasted a lot of ‘entertainment’ time. the world is stopping, hooked up with some old friends.

    we have blogs, facebook account… is this the new ‘mid-life’ crisis in the 21st century?!!

  5. we have mspace and facebook for our 14 has both, however as I have told you I get on it more than weekly if there are friends who have foul mouths or sites I dont like I just delete them! doesnt help me stay friends but he gets to have the site and I get to find out who is doing what, then I go to youth group and tell the kids that I have seen their face and they freak out and change stuff or not. you have to be in their business its our job to rear them into adult hood the good and the bad they may hate you for a while but it doesnt usually last.

  6. since i reset his password i have access to his account so i can log on and see everything that’s going on. i agree, better safe and a bit of a mood in the house…

  7. I had wondered what the blowback would be on the Harry comment…seems like a snotty thing to say. I think I know what he meant, but it came across all wrong.

  8. hmmmm, facebook.
    my friend has a sticker on her facebook profile that reads “if your kids have a facebook account then you’re too old for facebook” or something like that lol

    i’m on facebook but my teens prefer BEBO, the NZ-teen-equivalent.
    they are pretty careful who they share their info with and my daughter (14 yrs) has banned one or two people from her page. to be honest though, i worry more about some of the stuff that comes into her private email accounts from “friends” that’s a bit dodgey. she shows me her stuff from time to time. (i also have a BEBO account but it’s pretty dormant, cos i find it too “teen-y”)

    our computer is right in the middle of our house, a very public place. it can be a tricky thing as parents to build a trusting friendship with our kiddos *and* also help them feel safe and protected. now i know why *my* parents went grey lol…

    love X

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