chiang mai knows mexican

spending the first 32 years of my life – you know, the formative years – in texas i feel pretty comfortable saying, “i know a teensy bit about mexican food.” and the 5 years i spent in colorado allow me to be fairly comfortable in saying, “colorado don’t know mexican.” great mexican food was the one thing i never found while in colorado. after 6 weeks in chiang mai i have found some good mexican food. made my day.


the kids and i are doing the weekend alone, no bh, he’s at a retreat. and my original plans were to do nothing. get plenty of sleep, read, never leave my new bff, the interwebnet. but we did have to get out. i’d scheduled an appointment with the lady who will be a11’s harp teacher and since we had to get out of the house i figured we might as well do something. that way the kids couldn’t yammer on and on to their dad about what a dud they got stuck with for a mom. so we went to miquel’s and had some lovely mexican food. then we went to mike’s for some rich, thick milk shakes (2 chocolate, one strawberry and an oreo, please). made a stop by a used book store and then detoured into a wicker shop.



maybe not as good as being head butted by an elephant, but i didn’t hear any complaints. (not that i was listening for them in the wicker shop)


5 thoughts on “chiang mai knows mexican

  1. food looks good and the baskets are beautiful! a11 is looking so mature growing up and all, and I don’t believe for a minute that c13 argued with you he is always quiet and polite, I got the arguer!

    carrie – see, i’ve posted something that looks quite, trying to entice my american friends to come and visit…

  2. i love those baskets, and mexican food for the Texas girl! praise God. You are right Colorado does not know Mexican food.The one thing I miss from Texas.

    trish – the baskets are wonderful. there were a few others i would have liked, but really, i didn’t want to appear to be a glutton. i was just proud that the entire transaction was done in thai… very slow thai.

  3. Mexican food looks wonderful. I knew you would find it if you kept looking. The baskets are gorgeous. Are they made in town or in the hill tribes? Happy exploring. Love, Mom

  4. I couldnt imagine life without mexican food.. whenever I go to the UK I laugh at what they call Mexican food (nanchos basically). I am really happy you found yourself some Mex food.

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