my teacher said to stay home

yesterday morning, s8 (yes, once again another s8 tale, seems this week at transplanting me it’s all s8, all the time) comes in and in his sickest, i really mean it, i’m really, really sick voice says, “i have a sore throat and my teacher said to stay home if we’re sick.” i think to myself, hmmm, well, his teacher said to stay home… and then i think, but he did sleep with his window open and more than likely it’s just one of those sore morning throats that will go away in a few moments. and then i think again, well, his teacher did say to stay home. alright then, i say, get back in bed. no movies or video games today. just stay in bed all day and rest your sick throat. i go about the business of getting two other kids to school and as i walk in from dropping them off i am greeted by this…


i know, i’m sure he looks just as sick to you as he did to me. but even better was what was beside him.


what? how? i have no idea. i don’t want to know. i took myself upstairs and put myself to bed. because unlike s8, i can do sick and i’m still doin’ it.



2 thoughts on “my teacher said to stay home

  1. knowing s8 I bet he fell off the chair when he realized mom was at the door. my kiddos hate it when i pull out the ole “your sick no tv or games in bed all day” that is usually enough to get them to school!

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