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“february is blog month at compassion! we’re asking all of our friends to share their love for compassion’s ministry by sharing their compassion experience with the blogosphere.” and since i have a compassion experience and am absolutely obsessed with the blogosphere how could i pass up this opportunity?!

a few years ago, bh thought it would be good for us to be able to witness our money being used by God to impact the life of a child, you know, since we have three of those ourselves. so we sat down and talked, we asked the kids if they had any ideas about how to pick a child. i knew people who had chosen based on birthdates, wanting to adopt a child whose birthday was close to their own child’s birthday. or people who had chosen based on location, they were studying a particular country or knew someone from a particular country. but the only prerequisite our kids had – and really, it was just one of our kids – was that our child be a girl. so we sent our form with the request for a girl and received back the information for agit from indonesia, a 7 year old girl (now 9). and the more we learn about compassion – learn that this organization isn’t just talk – that they whole heartedly believe in what they are doing, that everyday they are working towards the goal of “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name” the more we are thankful for the privilege to partner with them.

if you would like to read other compassion stories visit shaun groves’ website.

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