nasty, nastier… nastiest?

the other day the kids come in making all kinds of noise about how waan has saved them from the terrible – surely poisonous – fangs of a real live thailand snake.



well, i’m sure it was real, but it’s highly unlikely it has been alive since we’ve lived here. and all i could think was nasty, nasty, nasty. what a nasty, nasty dog. and then today. the kids come in yelling and screaming about how waan has killed a wonderful, pretty-song singing real live thailand bird.



once again, probably been a little while since that bird sang any songs. and now all i can think is nastier, nastier, nastier. what a very, very nasty dog. and i’m really bothered by the fact that that’s not the end of the superlatives.

7 thoughts on “nasty, nastier… nastiest?

  1. Way cool dog…espically since Thailand has some pretty nasty stuff…you should hear some of the stories I’ve heard from Vets who were stationed there during Vietnam (MMs dad included)! What is your husbands blog so I can read it too? Post to this blog and I’ll pull it up tomorrow. Hope all is well.

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  3. At least he isn’t like a cat and bringing them inside to you as presents! Hopefully the rat was the end of the “nasty”. What comes after nastiest?

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