sunday walking street

*note – any and all similarities between my post, bh’s post and thailand girlwonder’s post are, of course, due to the fact that we all experienced the same thing, but all ownership of this experience goes to bh, since he’s not the one who hid out in the coffee shop.

bh has made it a goal that we try to have at least one cultural exposure every weekend. this weekend was supposed to be the elephant park, but due to a leak in our kitchen and trying to arrange for the handy man it didn’t happen. since we hadn’t gone to sunday walking street and everyone said we really, really needed to we decided to make that our outing. so we drove to the area of town where it’s located and parked. big mistake. it’s called sunday walking street for a reason. it’s not sunday parking street – which is what we tried to do. when we make it back to the car, really before the time we were told it even begins we were stuck. and i mean s.t.u.c.k. it was bad.


when we initially discovered our problem we walked on by, like we didn’t know that car, who would’ve done something like that. so we walked past it a few times trying to figure out what to do… how could we get out. and just decided we were stuck like chuck. (i’m not sure how stuck chuck was, but it must have been bad.) then we started thinking of all the things that could happen to the car – it could be booted or towed… neither were very appealing, but towing was a little scary. our computers were in the trunk and we couldn’t have them towed away, too. so bh – very bravely – went to the car to get them, while i went and hid, pretended to be a tourist, pretended to not know him. when we met up again – 5 or so minutes later – bh had the computers and was a bit distraught. apparently all the vendors around were very upset. gave him an earful. so he sent the kids and me to wawee, very convenient, and headed off to see if there was a way out of this mess. and he has no way to contact me because i left my cell phone at home. our plan is that at a certain time the kids and i will head to a place we both know how to get to and wait for him. so here i sit enjoying this…


and knowing that if i were in his place i wouldn’t be able to move the car through the tears of frustration and anger. good man he is.

and he just walked in, with books for me in hand and a smile on his face. all he will tell me is that when he got back to the car a police officer was waiting for him and that now the car has been moved a few streets over. he won’t tell me more, says he’s gonna blog about it. i guess we can read about it together – here.

5 thoughts on “sunday walking street

  1. you deeeeeeefinately got the good end of that stick!! How fun though – i mean, on a day when you’re not parked in the middle of it… sounds like a cool place

  2. It is a life full of adventures in Thailand – strangely all roads seem to lead to coffee!!!

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