he is not a monster

bh and i were having a conversation about our blogs and why more people visit mine than his. he says it’s because mine’s like blog seinfeld while his is, well, not. and i reminded him that occasionally people get to his blog from mine, like way back when when i blogged about how unjust and unfair he was being to me on his blog and linked my complaint to his blog. he had a lot of blog traffic, like a lot more. but he only complained about that. said people were only coming to his blog to tell him how bad he was, that he felt like they were coming with pitchforks and torches yelling, “kill the monster.” this made me laugh. made me feel loved and understood. it didn’t have the same effect on him. it made him remove the offensive post – does that mean i won? which, then made me change my post. so, today, i’m defending him, telling the world that he is not a monster.


7 thoughts on “he is not a monster

  1. Monica, the reason more people read yours than his is that you update you blog more than once a month and your blog is about day to day life and people obviously want to know about how you are doing over there. I love Mikes. tell him to write more often. Also let him know that jealousy is a way of satan getting between you. Ask him if he has left his gate open??? Is it jealousy or envy or BOTH. Tell him don’t hate the player hate the game.

  2. ooooo, hope I wasn’t one of the pitchfork weilders……….
    No one visits My Honey either, told him he needs to comment on other peoples blogs, in one ear, out the other…
    He looks, very, un-monster like 🙂

  3. I would like bh better if he’d give me a signed copy of that great best-seller he published.

    i’m just sayin’

  4. um, yeah, no, he doesn’t look scary AT ALL.

    so what’s his blog addy then?

    hay I have not only visited your man’s blog, i have LINKED TO IT. just saying, is all.

  5. Lol SB, sorry, HUGE oversight, you are TOTALLY someone, but I was talking about comments…;) xxxx

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