skype smilin’

the biggest smile she’s had in a while…


talkin’ with your bff will do that for a girl.

and now the cat’s out of the bag. yes, we have skype. but it’s somewhat of a pain to use because we still don’t have internet at our house. but it’s coming, i paid for the phone line install today. but desperate times call for desperate measures so we’re skyping at the coffee shop, with all those interfering coffee shop noises.

5 thoughts on “skype smilin’

  1. What a great way to start a Friday! What a treat !!!!!! You have just made Hopes Month Thank you thank you Thankyou!

  2. These internet phone systems are lifesavers, we use another “brand”. The smile says it all, and 1 cent a minute is a lot cheaper than therapy and antidepressants! $25.00 lasted us 3, almost 4 months.

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