haiku friday


pink slip in mailbox
what could it possibly mean?
a package for me!


yesterday there was something in our mailbox. i’d been checking everyday and finding nothing – i expected the same yesterday, but i got a surprise.


img_0996.jpg img_0997.jpg

now, where’s the post office?? i manage to get directions and off i go…


not even a member of pui’s evil street gang is going to stop me.

and i find it.


i head in, way more excited than your normal package picker upper, and am redirected. turns out that whatever it is that’s waiting for me is the type of thing they handle behind the post office. sounds like it might be something fantastic.



i trade my pink slip in and in return receive this – it is a most welcome package from my wonderful, fantastic, great, etc., etc… friend, carrie –



i lovingly place it in the passenger seat and drive home, maybe a bit maniacal, but really, who doesn’t drive that way here? and i open it.

like this


candy,books, shirts (i managed to make it here with very few of my shirts and the ones i did bring became victims of my first laundry attempts), books and a wonderful birthday present.


and, now, on that mood scale of mine i’m pretty much off the charts. not that i can be bought, but it sure does help.

13 thoughts on “haiku friday

  1. Found you through Haiku Friday. Now I’m intrigued. I’ll have to read your site and find out all about why you’re in Thailand.

  2. What a fun post to share your unexpected surprise with us today. I wrote of an unexpected surprise at Small Reflections this morning … different from yours however.
    Hugs and blessing,

  3. so glad it made it now I have thought of a thousand other things we should have sent I guess I will have to send another package soon!

  4. Yay for the care package! I imagine getting a little dose of home is just what made your Valentine’s Day.

  5. I’m just getting caught up on the cool folks like you that commented on my haiku last Friday. I love your haiku! So much fun getting something nice in the mail like that.

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