get thee to a herpetarium

we saw our first snake yesterday afternoon. a tree snake. i have no idea if they are harmless or not and really don’t care. it’s a snake. it lives in a tree. yuck. you know how i was yammering on and on about my tree envy and how i want a tree because everyone else has a tree – i’m not so sure about that anymore. it seems that without a tree i might be able to continue on without a tree snake. and since those full grown trees have a tendency to get quite tall – taller than me – it seems it might just be possible that a tree snake could fall out of one. and land on my head. i’m repulsed just thinking about it.


don’t worry – the snake isn’t being crushed by the motorcycle tire. it took it’s slithery self away as soon as I snapped this shot. and, yes, it was quite brave of me to get that close – I didn’t even zoom.

8 thoughts on “get thee to a herpetarium

  1. okay now I must reconsider visiting just the thought of a snake falling out of a tree onto ones head, I will have nightmares just thinking about it!

  2. hey am i the only guy that reads this?? i feel like i’m watching a soap. I love it. just a thought there Monica. I don’t think that it is the snakes in the tree i would worry about–its the ones on the ground i would worry about. I mean what would happen if you stepped on them??

  3. Well, just a word from mom (don’t take this too seriously if you are a snake lover) – the only good snake is a dead snake. That’s my motto. They may eat bugs, rodents, etc., but if they are dead they can’t cause you to have a heart attack.

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