page 123 meme

graham over at graham prouty on-line and on-life tagged me for this meme.

here’s how it goes…

pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)

find page 123

find the first five sentences

post the next three sentences

tag five people – i’m opting out of that part. following the trendsetting lead of ruth.

the title of the book nearest me: before women had wings

author: connie may fowler


“and i thought, again?

pheobe and i shot each other worried glances – mama had been drinking an awful lot since we moved to tampa, and even though she explained that, for her, booze was medicine, i had my doubts. we two girls closed our books and trudged down the hall.”


i haven’t finished this book, yet. but will soon, maybe today. it’s one that i would loan to winey if i could still walk across the street and give it to her.

2 thoughts on “page 123 meme

  1. Mercy by Jodi Picoult

    Cam hated it, said it made him feel like Robinson Crusoe, making do with twigs and weeds. But she knew that Mia would appreciate it. She liked the idea of showing Mia smoething she did not already know how to do. “Cam,” she yelles, “was that the door?” In the living room, Cam was trying to read the evening paper.

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