it got better – for me.

the weekend ended pretty well. it started with a very short trip into the pit of despair. not the greatest of starts, but i quickly rallied back to just fine. and by the end of sunday i had reached a new all time high – i mean for all the time i’ve been in thialand – i made it to gettin’ by.

michael had made us lunch plans for sunday. he met a lady at a conference he went to in bangkok back in december, she works with an organization called the garden of hope who’s “goal is to offer comprehensive, holistic programs that bring restoration and healing to those in, at risk of, or exiting prostitution and trafficking.” so off to her home we went for a lovely lunch and some very nice conversation and a game of cadoo. it was very relaxing and for an extravert – like me – very energizing. we went straight from her house to church, where a11 had a bit of a breakdown. i wish we had a warning bell for when these breakdowns were coming, but they always seem to surprise us. after church i ran into a few ladies from the bible study i’ve been going to and some from the kids’ school. familiar faces and easy conversation are very comforting. then home for some family time – we watched a movie and had a light supper. then bedtime…

things went a bit awry at bedtime. c13 threw up all over his bed and a11 continued her breakdown. she climbed into bed with me and brought her birthday bunny. every three seconds she squeezed it’s hand and i heard heart felt wishes from her dearest friend.

i knew she’d fallen to sleep when i quit hearing the bunny.

so this morning, c13 stayed home from school -pukey stomach and all. a11 is home with a sore throat – i think more from crying herself to sleep than sick. i took s8 to school and before i made it home i had a call from the school – sore throat & upset stomach. so back i go, pick him up, take him home and put him to bed. and me? i hightail it out the door, head to wawee for coffee and wi-fi and next i’m off in search of a bicycle. then home and furniture comes today!!

6 thoughts on “it got better – for me.

  1. boo on the kids being sick, but yeah on furniture and yeah on it feeling a little more normal whatever that is! thinking about you all and sending positive thoughts your way!!

  2. Sorry about the sick kids too, good idea leaving so you don’t get it.
    So glad you are getting to have some familiar faces! That helps. We’ve met some neighbors that speak English here in Germany, so that makes us feel better. Even a couple other Americans.
    Gettin’ by, yeah! Aren’t the ups and downs hard? I’m starting to learn it gets a little better with time too.

    Hope the kids are better soon and the parents stay healthy! Hope you like the furniture you picked out during jet lag!

  3. Can’t wait to see pics of the furniture.

    Hope your kids are feeling better.

    In Russian their B sounds like V and they say it very well, but when my instructor tries to say to me in English ‘vowels’ it comes out as ‘wowels’ and it makes me giggle…so immature I know, but it’s things like that which keep me sane.

  4. my goodness, i thought my days were full. looking forward to seeing the furniture. how is everyone today. love to a11. i moved throughout elementary and high school. it’s hard on girls, us being so girlie. love to you all.

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