new things to learn

thursday afternoon, bh picks the kids up from school and goes to run a few errands. (it seems all we do lately is run errands.) and he came home with this fun souvenir that provides us an opportunity to learn a little more about our community.



we have no idea where to go to pay a parking ticket or if there’s anything special we need to do. we’re still trying to figure out how to pay that electric bill. but we have now had the opportunity to visit 2 different and wrong electric offices – “we” in this case means bh. and we haven’t had our electricity turned off, yet. i love to learn new things.

update: we have learned something – our landlord pays our electric bill and our water bill.


we are getting closer and closer to having furniture. it is supposed to be delivered on monday. that means couches, chairs, coffee tables – our house will start to feel a bit more like a home. it seems months and months since we picked it out, but it’s really only been 2 or 3 weeks. even worse, we have no idea what we picked. we just wanted to get it done. so we said, “this and this and that and that, oh, and definitely one of those.” now we have no idea what this or that or one of those might have been. we’ve even consulted the receipt, but it’s all in thai, so a surprise it will be. i do know there are a few things we will still need – beds so we can get our mattresses up off the floor, a table and chairs for outside, and one for our balcony. and a small set for a11’s balcony. even though it seems that noone in our neighborhood uses their balconies at all – maybe that’s just because it is winter and oh so frigid. or maybe we’ll just be considered odd.

and I definitely want to get some flowers for outside. we have a very uncolorful exterior. not one flower. while i’m no green thumb, i think i should give it a go. i have no idea how we did it again, but every house we have ever lived in has had a tree shortage. the first home we owned was in the middle of a pecan grove and we had no trees in our front yard. our next house, well, no one had trees. and it seems that’s not a positive selling point. and now this one, i look around at all the other yards and see trees. big tropical type trees, but in our yard? just a sad tree and it’s even sadder little friend.



this is what i see next door –



and across the street i see this –



obviously something must be done. so i will take all the knowledge i gleaned from neil sperry – i used to use his coffee table book as a writing surface, surely something osmosed – and i will transform this barren waste land of yard into a tropical paradise. or at least try not to kill the grass that is growing – or the two sad trees.

4 thoughts on “new things to learn

  1. In your pictures the easiest thing I see to grow is bougainvillea. They are pretty and tough so they should serve you. Also they have gigundo thorns on them so dogs and children alike will learn to stay away from them!

    You also have some pictures of ginger flowers and some other kind of heliconia so hopefully you can find some of those.

    Canna’s would be good but they can be invasive so check around before you plant any thing like that!

    Hope all is well!

  2. the pictures are amazing it is so beautiful even without trees! Do you take that camera with you everywhere? love ya

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