how can you stay mad at this?


this morning as we were leaving the house – and running late (not my fault) – pui gets out. we’d already chased him down twice. so we let him go. hoping he will return before we get back this afternoon. he’s taken to hanging out with a bad pack. they lead him astray and that’s who he was off with this morning.

a11 is in pretty high spirits today. she has a play date after school. she’s going home with a girl from her class after school and they are going swimming. two days ago a11 spent a little bit of time in the school counselor’s office discussing some of the issues she’s having with this move. when she mentioned that she had just started playing the harp before we moved the counselor told her she might be able to help with that. yesterday, a11 came home with a note for me from the school counselor. on it was the name and phone number for a lady who plays the harp here in chiang mai. i called her and we are going to talk again next week to arrange lessons. good day for a11.  c13 has a study group tomorrow for science, he’s looking forward to it.  it makes things here a bit more normal.

we had language classes again today – homework was done. well, i did mine, bh cheated off of me.  thai’s have the r sound in their language, but our teacher keeps telling us that thai’s generally can’t pronounce the r sound.  why do they have it?

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