i think i mentioned this…

i am not a dog person. i am the only member of my family who is not a dog person. all the other members of my family think dogs are wonderful – how cute they are, how cuddly they are, how fun they are… not me. i think, what a pain they are, what work they are, what responsibility. so why, if i am the only member of the family who is not a dog person, am i the only member of our family losing sleep because the dogs are scratching at the screens wanting out. and, no, they don’t need to go potty – they just went. they just want o-u-t. whining and seeming to be so very ungrateful that we rescued them from the dog rescue place. when we could have just left them there to hang out with all other 60 or so dogs and not receive the one on one kind of attention they can get from our house of five. oh, and when they must be left home alone – which at times they just must – why do they have to do things like this?


or course, this might not have been possible if the counters in the kitchen weren’t approximately 18 inches off the ground. and, yes, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one.


and the lack of sleep makes for one very grumpy mommy – the kids can tell you all about it. i spent the entire ride to school ranting and raving and going on and on about how – since i am the only one in the entire family who doesn’t like dogs, didn’t want dogs – unfair it is that i am the only one in the family losing sleep because of the dogs. inconvenienced because of the dogs. and when we finally got to school s8 starts crying, he’s not at all sure how he could possibly related to someone who does not absolutely adore dogs. so the mom of the year award goes to… well, once again, not me, possibly it goes to sarah, over at the bean bag. she really wanted her boys to have a dog, her husband was the hold out. smart man, i say.

he’s got nothin’ on me

6 thoughts on “i think i mentioned this…

  1. Lol, poor you. I am the one who lost sleep because I wanted the dog, fair call. Hope they settle soon! 😉

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