the little dutch boy – the farang version

I feel really guilty that the instant I realized what was happening my very first thought was, “run – get the camera. this must be shared.”

bh was doing me a favor. i needed a clothes dryer hung – my fancy schmancy one isn’t really all that great for sheets. this requires him to get out the aluminum step stool – we didn’t check for osha guidelines when we purchased it. here’s the step stool…


and, yes, of course, that is what it looked like when we bought it, i swear.
so, up he goes, to drill a hole and down he comes. it just so happens that where he came down there was a spigot. but not anymore. what replaced it, at least temporarily, was a fountain –


(i wonder if a fountain increases the value of the house?) how to stop the flow of water? we haven’t any chewing gum. and then bh remembers the story of the little dutch boy and the dyke.


look, it’s stopped. what next? Our mâe bâan happens to be here and she quickly calls all her friends to tell them what her funny farang employers have done someone who is able to tell her how to turn the water off at the street. and bh can remove his finger.



i call our realtor to see if she can call the handy man. he speaks no english, we speak no thai – she translates. very nice of her. she calls him and about 5 minutes later he’s here. and goes right to work. it requires him to remove part of the column so he can access the pipe. (have i mentioned that the home owners are coming from bangok this saturday to meet us?)


and he leaves. the other day i was able to communicate with him. i let him know that the guys who had hung the curtains had left their hex wrench. he let me know that he would take the hex wrench and return it to them when he went to pick up the mini-blinds for the kitchen. but today, we had nothing. no idea what he was trying to tell us. we assumed he was either telling us he was going to get a part or he was telling us nothing could be done. i left to go get the kids from school and when I returned, it was fixed… all done. plaster and everything. guess he must have been trying to tell us that he needed to go get a part.


so ends the tale of the little not so little dutch farang boy man and the dyke column.


3 thoughts on “the little dutch boy – the farang version

  1. i know i peed my pants laughing and i may yet hyperventilate. OMg that is somewhere up there among the funniest thing i have ever heard.

    Sorry Michael!!!!!!!!

  2. that is classic. To bad you didn’t get a shot of mike after he fell. Tell him to lay of the dog’s before climbing the next ladder.

  3. mon- i am confused as to the poem about helen why is everyone congratulating you on your new role? anyway I mailed your package today it will be 6-10 business days! what an experience for the customs form they wanted specifics like “cotton shirt” not just “shirt”, and specific kind of candy. it was enlightening sending a package overseas! let me know when it arrives. love you

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