i swear i said no

when we left co, we left behind three dogs. while this may have been gut wrenching for the kids and bh it was very freeing for me. winey skip over this sentence – i’m not a dog person; i’m pretty happy without them. but we did promise the kids we would get another dog when we got to thailand – i hoped and prayed they’d forget. they didn’t. and in the way that only kids can – they have gone on and on about when are we going to get a dog… you promised we could get another dog. dog this, dog that… dog, dog, dog, dog, dog. so, today we took them to care for dogs – a dog rescue group here in chiang mai. and we found a very, very cute, very, very friendly one year old dog.



adoption is free, they ask for a donation if you are able. which of course, we gave. and then home we went in our rented car. that’s when i noticed that pui – that’s the name he came with – you pronounce it poo-ey, had a large parasite. i snapped this picture before the I realized what it really was …


we had come home with not one, but two dogs. i swear i had said no to two dogs. i had even worked extra hard to make it most obvious that the yes to the one dog had been given very grudgingly. but there they were, two dogs. it seems bh had been taken in by the sad, sad tale of how black puppies are rarely adopted because black dogs are eaten here. this puppy came with the name jeffrey – not very thai sounding at all. it has been changed, the kids have given him the name waan, which they say is pronounced like juan, a11 says it means ‘sweet’ in thai. but everytime i say it all i can think of is how hispanic it sounds – which makes me wonder, do they eat black dog in mexico? and if so, i wonder if someone will send me a good recipe?


oh, and before you get your panties in a wad, I wouldn’t really cook our dog.

12 thoughts on “i swear i said no

  1. the top of pui’s head comes to my knee – but he’s very solid, maybe 40 lbs. and waan is little. he’s 5 months so i don’t imagine he will get much bigger. but he’s 5 or 6 pounds.

  2. Waan is okay – but pui is adorable! Your dad has not come to yet. I’ll just leave him on the floor.

  3. aaaaaaaaaooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are veryveryveryvery cute.

    I must point out to you and your readreship that the last time you got a dog and said you couldn’t imagine it would get very big that very sweet small puppy grew into an 80 lb horse!

    Seriously though-aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!

  4. no you can talk to the dogs while the kids are at school! the package is being mailed tomorrow!!!

  5. Awww I am so glad you rescued them. I got very sad when I read about dogs being eaten. 😦 *sniffle*

  6. very cute–you guys are great parents. You know they say that the dogs resemble their owners HUUU

  7. This is Dad. I would not eat the black one but, I would definitely cook it while it is still small.

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