where could he be now?

once again, i’m blogging. and in a much better frame of mind. this morning bh and i have gone our seperate ways – not as in i’ve left him and boarded the first plane to the us – i went to bible study, where i was able to order tortillas to be delivered next week, while he went off in search of the electric company and language school. which means, he has the car. and he doesn’t have one of these –


he does have one of these –


but he doesn’t know how to use it, yet.

so, i’m now at the coffee shop awaiting his return. wondering if he will figure out where he is before he reaches myanmar or laos.

3 thoughts on “where could he be now?

  1. i am just guessing but from the amount of blogging you are doing I bet you have internet service at the house, I hope and soon to have tv?

  2. wow you really hit the road running! Already in a bible study?!!! Give me a call if want to go and have that martini….

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