3 thoughts on “a little privacy, please

  1. PRETTY!!!!

    I think it is starting to look homey! Pick some flowers (anything from outside, doesn’t necessarily have to be blooms) and put them in some kind of water tight container for the kitchen. You’ll be surprised how much better they make you feel. Maybe little cups of flowers all over the house.

  2. I love how light, bright and airy everything is. I would be tempted to go all minimalist, just to enjoy it more lol.

  3. Round tables are the BEST! I remember the first time I noticed that fact – Andy and I were newly in love (I get to say that because I’m a girl . . . I don’t know how he’d describe that time . . . but he probably wouldn’t say, “newly in love”, and if he would I w . . . RUTH! Take it to your own blog!) . . . Sorry. I’ve been kind of A.D.D. lately.

    Where was I? . . . Oh – we’d been in a long distance relationship for a couple of months, and we wanted to get our dear friends & his cousins together w/ all the spouses and have a nice dinner. It was sort of like our “coming out” as a couple . . . and a reunion at the same time. We sat at a GIANT round table at a Chinese restaurant in D.C. We could all see each others faces . . . I remember being so happy to see everyone.

    Cheers to you for all of the happy memories that are sure to be made at your new family table. Brighter days are ahead.

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