after school snack

one of the things that my kids think is pretty cool is the wide array of options for after school snack. when we walk out of the gate of the school this is what we see…

afterschool snack5 afterschool snack4

and here are some of their options…

afterschool snack2 afterschool snack3

afterschool snack6 afterschool snack7

so far my favorite is the tempura green beans.

10 thoughts on “after school snack

  1. ohgosh, we just had sushi tonight.
    chicken and avocado sushi.
    and i ate 8 pieces.
    but now i am craving some of that tempura.
    and the crème brûlée i just saw being made on tv lol X

  2. HA!!! Could you imagine Mom trying any of that? She would spit it on the sidewalk immediately!!! Love you Mom, but its the truth. 🙂

  3. Now that is some grub…say hello to Mike and the kids for me. I’m predicting our house will sell the last of Feb. Why???…because I’m heading (as of now) to Al Udied in Quatar for a short stint (real short–week or two, month max)and my luck is that Mommymonster will have to take care of everything…never fails…already feeling guilty!Hopefully get up to Iraq and some of the “Stans”. God bess y’all!

  4. I bet the tempura greenbeans were wonderful. I’d be so overwhelmed by the options and I’d probably gain 20 pounds exploring all of them!

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