ice cold milk and an oreo cookie… (well, no milk)

he ate them all… bh ate all the oreos. my secret stash that i had hidden in the best ever hiding spot. in the cupboard with all the other food. you know, in plain sight. now, before anyone starts to think he ate an entire 1 lb. package of oreos you should know that they only come in single servings here – okay, maybe it’s not really a single serving, but it isn’t like it’s a real package of oreos – it isn’t even like one sleeve. it’s a snack, an oreo snack. and i had eaten some of them already. not many, mind you, just some. so, what i really should say is he finished off my oreos. normally, i’m a pretty generous kind of gal but when i’m really jonesin’ for some comfort food – that’s not the best time for him to tell me he ate all the comfort food in the house. and then it turned out he was just joking. you know, playing mind games with my delicate psyche. which of course left me in such a state that i had to finish them off. and man, were they good. and how nicely it works out – i can blame someone else for my oreo binge… leaves me able to take no responsibility at all – as a11 would say, “sweet.”

oreo_opt.jpg oreo2_opt.jpg

i took my first stab at cooking thai food last night. and it was bad. really, really bad. i think so bad there’s absolutely no way it can’t get better – and possibly edible. i think it all went wrong with the fish sauce. i’m pretty sure that fish sauce is not what i brought home from the store, so it would also be not what i added to the soup. it’s the first thing i’ve been unable to eat since we got here.

our mâe bâan (maid) – yes, that’s something i never would have been able to say in the us – came today. i’m amazed at how hard she worked and while we have no idea what the going rate for a maid is – and may not have negotiated all that well – i’m not feeling like we got a bad deal. i think that while a maid might be a luxury we could never have afforded in the states, there are plenty of other sacrifices being made. it takes a longer to hand wash dishes and translates into not being able to let the dishes pile up. hanging clothes out to dry isn’t so fun and i’m betting i‘ll be really, really sorry if i ever let laundry get backed up.

we got a little slip of paper – or at least that’s what we thought it was. we noticed that everyone else on the street got a little slip of paper, too, so we didn’t immediately throw it away. instead, i took it to the kids’ school and asked them what it was. turns out it’s the electric bill. and now we need to get to the electric company and pay it – cash only.

a few of you have asked what i meant when i said i was held hostage by motorcycles… they are everywhere and kind of like little nats, they just weave in and out and group up. here’s pics. it’s difficult to really get a feel for it from just pictures.



and for a little comparison, here’s the way i define family transportation –


here’s how some of the thai’s define it…


if you look closely you can see the little girl in front of her dad. i’m not sure if that’s the equivalent of shot gun or not.

oh yeah, and i did save one oreo for bh

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