an award, i got an award!!


hay, over at the fantastic secret life of us, gave me my first ever award!! and from reading her blog i don’t believe she is crazy, at least not certifiable, and she certainly has great taste. also, i don’t say her blog is fantastic just because she gave me an award. now, it has been a bit since i received this award, but i’ve had some other stuff going and am just now getting around to say a great big thank you for this wonderful recognition. i feel like such a winner – i mean, i feel good, really, really good.  *hint, hint.  *nudge, nudge.  (for those of you who don’t do subtle, what i’m trying to say any of you guys should feel free to give me more, i don’t mind pity.)

and now, who would i like to bestow this most esteemed honor upon? well, here goes…

wineymomma and the monsters– who really isn’t winey, but is a momma. and her kids aren’t really monsters.

my college roommate has just recently begun her own blog… teryx days. and not only where we roommates in college, after we were both married we lived in the same city in texas and some years later found ourselves in the same city in colorado. she got there first. i’m such a follower. 😉

thai girlwonder, or rather, a11 – now, while she hasn’t posted much – that is sure to change once we can get internet at the house. and is guaranteed to be a most interesting read!

mary and bob’s journal, this is the blog of my first bloggy friend.

and last, but certainly not least, graham prouty on-line and on-life, a great friend from co.

so there we go. thanks again, hay!

5 thoughts on “an award, i got an award!!

  1. All I can say is thank you! I am very appreciative of all of your encouragement on my blog, and you have been an inspiration to all of us. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it!

    BTW, how in the world do they make those Latte’s look so good!??!! I am still making one heck of a mess evey day with your old Barista!

  2. congrats! it is a great blog. you don’t seem so far away. i don’t think i’m going to follow you to thailand. i’ll patiently wait till you return to the states. then, we can live in the same town again. bH, d5, and c1 send their love too.

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