what did i do – hope this doesn’t disappoint

i drove, that’s right. that’s the big tadoo.

and if you don’t understand why that’s such a big deal, i’ve pointed out a few things for you.


not included in the above photo is the fact that everyone drives on the wrong side of the street!!

10 thoughts on “what did i do – hope this doesn’t disappoint

  1. I drove to the store yesterday and every time I tried to turn on my turn signal turned on my wipers instead. And if it wasn’t for the car coming towards me in the opposite direction, I would have no idea which side of the road I was supposed to be on. (Left, left, left!) I drove every weekday in St. Louis for a full year and now that I’m back in Bangkok, driving is an exercise in extreme concentration. Good luck!

  2. hahaha now you can drive in the UK!

    Good for you! I know how hard this is – I learnt to drive in the USA so when I go to the UK I am too terrified to drive there!

  3. Yay you. Took me a minute because it looked normal to me. I’ve always thought that would be a huge adjustment. Be careful you! xxxx

  4. We are so glad to hear that you are getting settled in. My family came to Tiffany’s house for the weekend with Papa. We have all been wondering how things have been. We all send our love. Teresa,Jeff,Tiffany,Jason,Papa,and kids

  5. hope you put a sign on the car to warn all the locals. missing you and cant wait for more pictures and to hear about school because i am sure the kids should be starting soon.

  6. loved seeing pictures of your home and life in chiang mai. wow!!! the house is beautiful!!! can’t wait to hear/see more. you know, our zoo has giraffes too. ;^)

  7. You’re crazy. I’m going to put up a billboard in your town telling everyone to stay off the road. I’ve seen your driving in the best of conditions–oh my, that place doesn’t know what it’s in for!!

    You look pretty and happy in your pictures btw. Thanks for sharing. The more pictures the better Chastity.

    Oh, it’s snowing today–be glad you’re not here. It’s icky outside.

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