forward motion

today was pretty productive… bh got here from singapore – made everyone very, very happy. we all went to the school and the kids took their tests. we are know renters of one house in chiang mai – yea, a place to call home. and right now, bh is at the hospital getting a physical – he has to have it for his visa. i’ve no doubt it will be done in a jiffy! compared to what has been done since we’ve gotten here, that’s a ton! i thought today would be as good a day as any to revisit that pesky old to do list. the list of all the stuff that needed to be done before we moved.

  1. get passports for me, tb, lb and ff.
  2. visas
  3. figure out what to take and what not to take.
  4. sell a bunch of our stuff.
  5. find homes for the dogs. (we’ve got three, anyone want one?
  6. get the house ready to sell – again. (it should be easier this time. okay, so our friends are doing this for us as we speak…
  7. find a realtor.
  8. sell the house.
  9. get answers to our questions.
  10. find a school for the kids.
  11. find a place to live.
  12. pack.
  13. spend countless hours on the internet researching things i’m not sure about.

okay, that feels good, really, really good! and soon i can return to my normal blogging self – pictures and wit included!!

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