back to the basics…

no tv – well, that’s not really true – we do have thai tv.  i watched an entire episode of ghost whisperer dubbed in thai.  now, i’m really wishing i had watched that show in the u.s.  and internet is limited.  yesterday we went to the zoo and the night market.  today i want to do nothing.  maybe read, nap, walk around the hotel.  i’m hoping i can get the kids to agree.  of course, the c13 just asked what are we going to do today…

3 thoughts on “back to the basics…

  1. It is so hard to get out of the “we are on vacation mode” isn’t it? I am sure stayng in a hotel doesn’t help! Hope you get to relax ? Does Mike come home soon? home? hmmm weird to call it that! Picking up kids at school isn’t as fun without
    my catch up with you time. I miss you

  2. funny you should mention tv i was thinking today in the car about you guys and wondered if you get american tv. at least it would be something to keep you busy! i was also thinking about what wonderful friends you must have in Co to help you out! But I recall that you are a great friend as well.

  3. Hi Monica

    Would you believe I discovered your blog the day you announced you had been transplanted? I live in Australia and love Thailand. My husband and I are going back to Chiang Mai for a one year stay…him, to do his TEFL and teach English, and me to study Thai.

    I have read many of your older posts and am still going…but may I ask, where in Thailand did you settle? I fear I have missed that in your older entries 😦

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