just like an irish spring commercial…

it’s here. the luggage came in late last night. now everyone is fresh – no more stinky boys. i know all around us must be relieved.

today we’ve visited the zoo – it was a great distraction for the kids and now we are all exhausted!! today seems to be c13’s day to be out of sorts. i’m really quite glad they are taking turns, i’m not sure i could handle all of them at once.

thanks everyone for your comments. i appreciate them bunches. it makes my day a little brighter when i get to read them.

and a big thank you also to the wonderful ladies (winey & trish) who are busy sorting out my house. i know it is a ton of work and i can’t thank you enough.

9 thoughts on “just like an irish spring commercial…

  1. I hope that the sadness lightens as the days go by. it hurts to be the mom when you cant do anything to make it better. i know you are doing a great job and again a little each day! love you all a miss you

  2. Go Winey! Go Winey!
    Go Trish! Go Trish!
    Go deodorant soaps!
    Glad you have a few things to cheer about while coping w/ the kids’ coping w/ all the changes. I hope you take some quiet moments to let bh help YOU cope, too.

    I agree w/ W – can’t wait to see pics!

  3. So glad you guys made it to the other side of the planet safely and that the boys are no longer smelly. It’s been such fun to follow your adventures…We’re praying for you!

  4. Mon! My momma gave me your blog and I have read it all, I cannot wait to continue the saga along with you and the kids. I wish we could be there to experience all…..well some….of it with you 🙂 I think I may start a blog…were you worried no one would want to read it? Surely someone does right? I know that everyone is interested in yours..in case you may have at one time been worried 🙂 How is it going?

  5. I miss you–thank you so much for letting us know how you’re doing!! I’m thinking about you. And boy do I wish you could see the lease agreement that those nuns gave us. they are crazy ladies if they think i’ll agree to that. They think they can just dictate to us which rooms they’ll get. I’m sorry, but who owns the building now? Honestly!!

  6. Not Trish, it is all wineymomma she is amazing and she has done all the work, and with out whinning I might add. I came in at the end and your neighbors are great, how lucky you are to have them of course it only shows how you cared for them too. Glad the boys have clothes. We all miss you!

  7. carrie – thanks. i know the emotions will be come and go and some relief will come once we are in a house. we miss you guys, too.

    winey – again, you’re amazing. not winey at all. thanks for everything again and once we have better internet access i will post pictures. thanks for everything. and i missed housewine desperately!

    erika – thanks. will certainly keep you posted on our adventures!

    mikala – do start a blog. it didn’t take long to find a community within blogging. and, yes, i did fear no one would want to read my blog, but right now i seem to be somewhat popular. you know like a car wreck, no one can look away. 🙂

    jill – i miss you, too. and you know how i feel about those nutty nuns. just remind yourself – who owns this building??!?

    trish – i have fantastic neighbors in co. wonderful people. how does it go? you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone?

  8. Wait. If your blog is a car wreck, that makes us rubber-neckers . . . no way!! We’re living vicariously through you!

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