stinky doesn’t even begin to describe them…

we slept 13 hours last night and are all still a little draggy today.  i took the kids to see the house, they all liked it.  s8 wanted his own balcony, like a11 and bh & me, but other than that all is good.  they were thrilled with the amenities – swimming pool, tennis courts, badmitton, etc…

the lost luggage is still lost… and we’re still waiting.  but it’s all part of it, right?  think pigpen from charlie brown – only without the little squigle stink marks and with a real stink instead.  but it is just the boys – a11 and i are great.

i think we’re all feeling somewhat overwhelmed.  a11 had a small break down at breakfast – i think some of the novelty is wearing off for the kids.  or maybe they didn’t ever feel it was at all novel.  but nothing like a few tears in a hotel restaurant. 

4 thoughts on “stinky doesn’t even begin to describe them…

  1. hey there. glad to hear you are getting some rest and hopefully in the next 6 months or so you may feel ‘normal’ again. ;^) i hope the luggage arrives. i’m off to bed, long weekend and not much accomplished. go figure. miss you, can’t believe you are a half a world away. seems surreal. sw

  2. We also have had some breakdowns this weekend! I think maybe the reality is hitting. Everything is so new. I imagine you will get tear for a while and most likely at times you don’t expect. We are praying! Have a good day! or night Our computer now also shows temp and time in Chaing mi I think it makes h and all of us feel connected! It is very warm which I am sure adds to the stink

  3. wow! i know i keep saying that but wow! you are handling this so well. maybe it will be like when you have a new baby the first 3 months you are in a fog and then things start to seem a little normal again! this too shall pass and soon the kids will be busy with school and new friends who are alot like them. that will give you a little down time. as for the clothes situation i am so sorry living with three males i totally understand especially since i just cleaned their bathroom, yuck! we love and miss you all lots.

  4. Oh A11 . . . I cannot imagine being 11 in a completely different country. What amazing adults your children are going to grow to be.

    I can’t believe I missed spending an afternoon with you!! I’m still not over it.

    Here’s hoping the luggage comes soon. xox

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