livin’ la vida loca

so, yesterday, once we woke up and got around, we realized we were hungry. what to do? we looked out of our hotel window and saw what appeared to be the only viable option.


so we started walking, and decided to be brave – to persevere – to walk the dangerous streets of la. and boy were we rewarded.


you know all of those choices had to be hands down better than a 7eleven taquito. and they were.

4 thoughts on “livin’ la vida loca

  1. I’m gathering you’re flight left LAX last night (?) & I must have been confused in my earlier comment & e-mail . . . I so wish I’d been available to drive you around the prettier parts of our town. I feel bad that you were stuck in the airport adjacent sprawl. It’s hard to find the charm here with half a day and no car.

    I hope this next leg of your journey is going better. Good luck….. if you’re stuck in LA by any chance, call my cell – I emailed it to you. xox

  2. So glad to get your new post. Guess you have left la by now. Good luck on the rest of the trip. Hope the kids are enjoying the excitement – can’t even imagine the reaction of one of them. Love, Mom

  3. Wow, what a selection. I have forbidden my hubby *who is the biggest pig in the world* to ever travel to America, he would have a heart attck within the week 🙂 Happy Travels you!!!

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