things like this are why i created this blog…

we’re doing it. right now, we’re doing it. all five of us are at the airport, with what we managed to pack. what we didn’t we hope someone else will enjoy. we were able to coordinate rides to the airport. one for our suitcases and one for us. and now we sit, and we will continue to sit. when we got to the airport our flight was delayed 20 min., now it’s delayed 2 hours. so we sit… and blog, and fight about discuss taking turns on the computers.

and this early in our move i’ve already missed some great picture opportunities. i missed our house in a pretty serious state of disarray as we left. and i missed us at check in with our 10 ginormous suitcases open for all the world to see while we tried to balance them. and we did, only one was over the 50 pound limit, but the others were so close we had to frugally spread those 7 pounds out. and i missed all 30 of the minutes we spent getting through security. and we weren’t waiting to get through we were going through the process of security. we had at least 12 tubs lined up with our various belongings strewn about. tsa people doing bag checks, making sure bh’s cpap machine wasn’t dangerous, the plastic cases for the wii games looked suspicious, so lots of digging and time and everyone behind us getting a bit impatient. and probably my favorite, when we all take our shoes off we discover s8 has on only one sock and c13 has on no socks.

but the two hours will be put to good use.  i can go ahead and cancel our garbage pick up.  call the carpet guys to lay the carpet we ordered and let the realtor know that the clean up might be a little more than expected.

5 thoughts on “things like this are why i created this blog…

  1. You guys are already missed. We will keep you in our prayers. Keep coming with the blogs.. So we know how you guys are doing. Love you guys.

  2. my goodness, dale would be proud!! all those cases, so organized (organized caos). great picture of pikes peak today. looking forward to sites out east. miss you already. unbelievable really. i’m with a11 on this one. ;^)

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