5 thoughts on “i leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye…

  1. Oh hon, I feel you now, tears are welling up. I’m remembering us leaving *home*, it’s rough. But hey, your a hop, skip and a jump away from NZ now, so if you ever want a holiday….:). Seriously, enjoy your new life, and write about it lot’s, I sense a best seller! xxxx

  2. It was only a few years ago that you called me and said you were moving to Co. I cried in the mall and was heartbroken even told dh that I couldnt survive without your friendship every day! I missed you and it was tough on all our family but it was the right thing for your family and we survived and visited and remained close! I am sure that your friends in Co are hurting now and they will for a long while, but then everyone will adjust and the friendships will remain and continue to grow strong. When we are faced with these challenges we find things in ourselves that we didnt know were there and we become better people. I know you are doing the best thing for your family and what you feel called to do and we so support and love that about you. I hope all of us will be so excited to hear about this adventure on your blog so keep writing dear friend even I miss you here in Texas, love you all and we are praying for you.

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